Kim and Pie - Terrified (Music Video)

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Rachel Fabray

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Clips from the movie 'Yes Or No'
Kim played by: Tina Jittaleela
Aom played by: Aom Sucharat
I'm not Thai and I don't understand Thai language, so thank God for subtitles! :)
In my opinion this movie is kind of realistic, the dorm thing, the status with parents, specially with Pie's mom.. Cutest and sweetest lezie movie I've ever watched :)
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LENNE 7 ամիս առաջ
Yes or No 😍❤️
Humour being
Humour being 7 ամիս առաջ
Pii look like my ex girlfriend ... Which is just heart breaking everytime when I watch yes or no .... And I don't know why I watch that movie again and again
Jingi Fortunato
Jingi Fortunato 11 ամիս առաջ
Why? Pag I'm bored 🤔 thinking a past and my childhood? My brains remember this song again 🖤☹️ naalala ko nanaman computer shop namin sa probinsya kahit wala pa ako experience dati Sa love and bata pa ako 10 years old palang ako palagi ko tong pinapatugtog habang nagdodota 1 haysss angsaya ko pa dati walang iniisip na problema ngayon stressed sa school stressed sa covid stressed mag part time job 😌🖤 para may sariling pang gastos hndi na manghihingi Sa nanay. Quarantine anyones here? Like mo naman idle 🖤
Jan Cabangbang
Jan Cabangbang Տարի առաջ
were the other one a gay?? pls enlighten me
Charlotte Berog Sampaga
Charlotte Berog Sampaga Տարի առաջ
Kharylle Luminarias
Kharylle Luminarias Տարի առաջ
When I was in gr.2 ❤
Mendoza, Estelito Jr
Mendoza, Estelito Jr Տարի առաջ
kim + pie= kipie HAHAHAHHA
Mendoza, Estelito Jr
Mendoza, Estelito Jr Տարի առաջ
kim + pie= kipie HAHAHAHHA
thorne drag
thorne drag Տարի առաջ
Every words feels like shooting star. I feel this lyrics 🌈
red canlas
red canlas Տարի առաջ
its so nice
Merly Ogoy
Merly Ogoy 2 տարի առաջ
i love the way you lie
Jasveer Singh
Jasveer Singh Տարի առաջ
Merly Ogoy
Gelo Rosales
Gelo Rosales 2 տարի առաջ
Is that a boy or female boy? No offense just asking via curiosity
Ma Co
Ma Co Տարի առաջ
She's a lesbian.
Israel Sierra
Israel Sierra 2 տարի առաջ
Babae to babae? 😒
Shan Ice
Shan Ice 2 տարի առաջ
What a Cute couple💋💋💋
Grettel Pupp Youtube
Grettel Pupp Youtube 2 տարի առաջ
It is a love story
AyeishaTheCatQueen ThecatQueen
AyeishaTheCatQueen ThecatQueen 2 տարի առաջ
This Is Beautiful THIS GURL Deserves more Subs
I have the best voice
I have the best voice 2 տարի առաջ
I wanna cry huhu TT the best ever huhu TT
Into You
Into You 2 տարի առաջ
This is so sweet. The editor nailed this music video❤️
Jingi Fortunato
Jingi Fortunato 3 տարի առաջ
in 2018 I just want to get back to our province so I can see my friends again here in manila I have no friends who are sober
Jingi Fortunato
Jingi Fortunato 3 տարի առաջ
nice music I remembered that our computer shop in 2013 repeated my song because i might remember my playmates at the computer shop we always played dota 1 we lost a computer shop because I was taking care of the manila because my one eye had a problem we have been blindfolded for a few years and we have our computer shop 3 years ah 4 years ago because january 1 we have sold our computer shop for my eye care. it's not time for 2013 again because it's a day with my friends It's true and I can talk with my friends about my son and then the song to. paulit ulitin tong tong song to promise :( :( :(
Danalyn Boses
Danalyn Boses 5 տարի առաջ
i like
MalaSwerte Official
MalaSwerte Official 5 տարի առաջ
I Loved It Cuz I Relate :/
chica migue
chica migue 6 տարի առաջ
I Like
Jay Cabalse
Jay Cabalse 6 տարի առաջ
i love this video so cool .
Mish Z.
Mish Z. 6 տարի առաջ
2:52- 2:55 - feels like they're Ryosuke and Yuto XD
Bejhay Romero
Bejhay Romero 6 տարի առաջ
i like this but it's true love xD #FB #BJGONZALESROMERO
marlene tuble
marlene tuble 7 տարի առաջ
aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh im so kilig.,,,,,, I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Giada Mercuri
Giada Mercuri 7 տարի առաջ
Cat 7 տարի առաջ
Andy meng
Andy meng 7 տարի առաջ
sdfgasdfgasdfg i love it!
Joanne Inguin
Joanne Inguin 8 տարի առաջ
i sooo love PIE and so the movie Yes or NO. looking forward for YES OR NO 3!
innerthoughts143 8 տարի առաջ
wow! i love your video! cool music!
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