Mark Holcomb Clinic [4k] John Petrucci's Wise Words

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Hey guys we filmed another Mark Holcomb clinic and this time in 4k along with a 1080p angle and a GoPro right under Mark! The lighting was a little low so the GoPro doesn't work the best, but nonetheless, still a great shot.
One of the more interesting things Mark talked about was how Periphery first got to the "Big Stage" (1000 people +) after Dream Theater asked Periphery to tour with them. On this tour, Periphery had a major technical problem...Find out by starting at the first "Questions" section following this guide below.

3 Dot Records- 2:50
Growing up- 3:40
Lost Guitar- 5:15
Gear/Guitar Tips- 6:33
Building Mark's Guitar- 8:14
Prayer Position- 18:48
Questions- 23:40
John Petrucci- 32:44
Haunted Shores- Harrison Fjord- 42:20
More Questions- 47:10
"I don't know music theory"- 50:45

*I will finish the summary soon!

Jon Whi
Jon Whi 21 օր առաջ
great video but awful sound quality and tone, especially for mark and periphery
2und2sind4 23 օր առաջ
32:40 Misha told this exact story when he was on Coffee with Ola
ups767300 26 օր առաջ
He is so well spoken.
Enigma Ամիս առաջ
How can a human being with a brain not recognize they have a absurd laugh that is completely unnecessary in 95 percent of the situations he decides to laugh like that....smh
Ves Keyboardsmash
Ves Keyboardsmash 2 ամիս առաջ
Man I just came to hear the Petrucci incident and I'm stuck now, this man is so interesting when he talks
Puretone 2 ամիս առաջ
I just saw Mark Holcombs IG post about it lol. Funny thing is I filmed this awhile ago but I guess now its still relevant haha
ahriik 2 ամիս առաջ
He mentions that he has a hard time listening to P1 and P2 because of all the guitar layers and crammed notes, and I definitely understand his point, but I was just listening to P1 the other day on a run (the instrumental version. I do love Spencers vox even on that album, but those songs really were not written with vocals in mind, since they were pretty much all written by Misha by himself, so I honestly feel P1 instrumental is the more "pure" version, in my own opinion) and I was still blown away by some of the crushing rhythms and atmospheric layers. There's a lot going on there for sure, but I still absolutely love it for what it is.
Kris Del Cid
Kris Del Cid 2 ամիս առաջ
56:32. I’m so glad that it was, because Omega is my favorite Periphery song. Satellites and Stranger Things fill out my top 3.
Jim Pittman
Jim Pittman 2 ամիս առաջ
Nice guy but music sukks
KasperWithaK 2 ամիս առաջ
timestamp to chug? please
Outworld Studio
Outworld Studio 4 ամիս առաջ
I didn't know djent dudes would overreact to something so basic 27:40 What a loser.
- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ -
- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ - 6 ամիս առաջ
40:45 i mean WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K is this guy on? lol
Jin Takeshi
Jin Takeshi 6 ամիս առաջ
“Yeah so that’s kinda the meat and potatoes of the guitar... and here’s the bread and butter of the guitar...”
Mario Alvarez
Mario Alvarez 7 ամիս առաջ
“You guys gotta fix this” 32:45
Joseph Hatfield
Joseph Hatfield 7 ամիս առաջ
That Harrison Fjord tune was sick.
Angry Andy Toth
Angry Andy Toth 9 ամիս առաջ
2 years later and the summary still isn’t finished.
Haste 10 ամիս առաջ
I bet that show used borrowed guitar was taken up a couple notches in price after that. I wonder who has it now? That would be an awesome guitar to own! I don't even play guitar at the moment, haven't for years but I still really want one of the signature models he's using in this video.
RetroCNY Տարի առաջ
Man Harrison Fjord is a song that totally changed my outlook and approach to playing metal music on guitar. That song and the song he did called Immaterial just absolutely blew my mind and basically opened a door in terms of guitar playing that I didn't even know existed. I was listening to your typical metal-core bands at the time and that heavily shaped my style of playing. A lot of drop c single note riffing over very common chord arrangements, think stuff like As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour, Killswitch Engage, those sorts of bands. I was really getting into heavier guitar playing in the mid-late 2000s and those bands were massive at the time. I was really stuck in a box with my writing and pretty much everything I wrote sounded like stuff everyone else had heard already and it was actually affecting my confidence and my desire to continue playing guitar. Then comes along Mark Holcomb with Haunted Shores. I just happen to randomly stumble upon his stuff and yeah, it was like having an epiphany. Totally changed the way I approached guitar and the kind of metal music I wanted to try to write. So I credit Mark as being one of my biggest sources of inspiration in the 15 years or so I've been playing. But besides all that I'll just say a lot of the haunted shores material is some of the most unique stuff I've ever heard, even to this day. I just connect with it on a much deeper level than a lot of the stuff I was listening to prior to discovering them. I love melody and writing heavy songs that still have up-beat vibes to them. It doesn't always have to be one or the other. Upbeat, happy sounding melodies but with heavy chugging rhythms.
J Տարի առաջ
u know what they say, once you go flat(fretboard)...
Ramadan Steve
Ramadan Steve Տարի առաջ
"You could sound like a weirdo, but who cares?" People with social anxiety lmao. We will be up late thinking about it in ten years
Ramadan Steve
Ramadan Steve 6 ամիս առաջ
@Nickhead87 You should check out delta-8-THC though homie 👍 Does what sativas are supposed to. Uplifting, non-drowsy, and kills anxiety, and still has a nice body high
Ramadan Steve
Ramadan Steve 6 ամիս առաջ
@Nickhead87 I think about embarassing shit more when I'm high 😂 That's when the self-analyzing goes to overdrive
AMBI8 Music
AMBI8 Music Տարի առաջ
Should of picked up the banjo on the wall.
Scott Տարի առաջ
he seems like such a nice an humble guy
brOOtal_bananas Տարի առաջ
I like Mark alot. He seems like a really cool dude
Darren Leary
Darren Leary Տարի առաջ
This won't age well.
parisite99 Տարի առաջ
Halfway through before realizing that’s not a Ramones shirt! Mark is an excellent speaker.
Macafee Տարի առաջ
He’s such an amazing dude And a very wise
Mohamad Տարի առաջ
ikaro souza
ikaro souza Տարի առաջ
I LOVE that Scarlet riff, it's just wonderful
ikaro souza
ikaro souza Տարի առաջ
I thought Mark was the guy who plays clean tones for life
orrange fingerss
orrange fingerss Տարի առաջ
i heard blood eagal on the radio\
Alex Levesque
Alex Levesque Տարի առաջ
49:42 just in case anyone was wondering... d----3--- A---6--- F---3--- C---7--- G---5--- C---5---
Kase Տարի առաջ
@Alex Levesque Boy, do I have a vid for you.
Alex Levesque
Alex Levesque Տարի առաջ
@Kase bruh if there's a song in that tuning my life's complete
Kase Տարի առաջ
But what about F-A-G-D-A-D tuning?
Jeremiah Fernandez
Jeremiah Fernandez Տարի առաջ
i just wanna see the day periphery's music get used in films
Abe Navarro
Abe Navarro Տարի առաջ
What im going ti say is weird... But this dude just made me cry... So much heart on that chat... How many principles, how many disciplines, tips, concepts... He is a really humble, down to earth smart guy... Awesome
seothis Տարի առաջ
So uhh... I got a fucking Ford commercial right in the middle of Harrison Fjord. Nice job algorithm! Guess I'm getting new a racecar now.
Medic22 Տարի առաջ
He’s very well spoken and you can tell he is really passionate about what he does. Very awesome.
im_charming 2 տարի առաջ
Haunted shores baby!
Montes Foreman
Montes Foreman 2 տարի առաջ
When John Petrucci tells you to get your shit together, you better listen. XD
Evan Hancock
Evan Hancock 2 տարի առաջ
wow he's a really good public speaker. Not a skillset that frequently intersects with guitar
sn3pa 2 տարի առաջ
man that guitar in the coffee music logo bugs me.... 6 tuners yet i ta has 4 going to the bridge
nolove, drjones
nolove, drjones 10 ամիս առաջ
@Cristian Gabriel God you're cringe
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark Տարի առաջ
Welcome to the wonderful world of graphic design. I hope to be a part of the solution in that industry with my career 😂
Brandon Montgomery
Brandon Montgomery Տարի առաջ
Dude. I was trying to Ignore that...
Rob Տարի առաջ
Jesus Christ, why would you point that out? Now I’m just staring at it
Eddie Jenkins
Eddie Jenkins 2 տարի առաջ
That was HORRIBLE super geek uhg
LoboR1 2 տարի առաջ
He seems like such a genuine, nice guy...hard not to like him!!
Kram Stoic
Kram Stoic 2 տարի առաջ
overrrated crap
Kristijan Jurisic
Kristijan Jurisic Տարի առաջ
Your right though
Kristijan Jurisic
Kristijan Jurisic Տարի առաջ
@EmaDeathMetal 126 I like mark .a lot he is amazing .
EmaDeathMetal 126
EmaDeathMetal 126 Տարի առաջ
Kinda funny tho. Mark hating Mark.
EmaDeathMetal 126
EmaDeathMetal 126 Տարի առաջ
@Kristijan Jurisic You can't say there are better guitarists, because that's an opinion. You could think Yngwie is the best guitarists but I could say he's trash (I'm don't mean that, I love the god) because I don't like his playing.
Kristijan Jurisic
Kristijan Jurisic Տարի առաջ
Kinda true in a way I love his prs and his pick-ups and his playing but thare are so so many better players and musicians
Rashid Saif
Rashid Saif 2 տարի առաջ
What’s the name of the last song that Mark played
BarefootYouSay?? 2 տարի առաջ
The way the news goes
Dan Cortes
Dan Cortes 2 տարի առաջ
im in love with mark, hes just an awesome guy. I hope I can get to meet him :(
Daren Walker
Daren Walker 2 տարի առաջ
If John Petrucci came up to me and said "you gotta fix this" i would probably poop on the spot.
J 4 ամիս առաջ
id slap John in his face like 'ahhh'. 'I don't care who you are, dream theatre is wack, listen to the radio'
Nicholas Palacio
Nicholas Palacio Տարի առաջ
It’s cool that he would come out and talk about something like this. I can only imagine that was a slow-motion, near-death-experience style moment. For him to openly talk about it for fans and people who look up to him, that’s a cool thing. It’s a valuable lesson.
Jeremiah Fernandez
Jeremiah Fernandez Տարի առաջ
i think it wouldl be a great experience
Ray Ortiz
Ray Ortiz 2 տարի առաջ
would rather shit in my hands and clap than have to go through what he described
Ron Cecchetti
Ron Cecchetti 2 տարի առաջ
Bust down Mark
funknotik 2 տարի առաջ
This is incredible advice from Mark, things I wish I would have heard at a much younger age. Fortunately I have no kids and no mortgage, so theirs still a chance! lol
T Crane
T Crane 2 տարի առաջ
From 30 min on... everyone should listen, take notes and take care of it
Jérôme Le Gousse
Jérôme Le Gousse 2 տարի առաջ
Very interesting, and I barely knew Periphery.
Well Trevisan
Well Trevisan 2 տարի առաջ
Great video, thanks!
Julain Comas
Julain Comas 2 տարի առաջ
I absolutely crave the music you guys put out. It inspires me endlessly thank you lol .I constantly find myself going back and listening to the things I overlooked and, and jeez.... I get lost in periphery’s music!!
Nick Yelovich
Nick Yelovich 2 տարի առաջ
Thank you for this, Puretone and Mark!
sgune 2 տարի առաջ
His picking style is so damn economical.
Justin Rudecki
Justin Rudecki 2 տարի առաջ
Anybody know what the song is that is played at the end of the video? Like the outro part after the video has ended.
Justin Rudecki
Justin Rudecki 2 տարի առաջ
No the song at 1:13:47 after the video is over in the credits.
Tim Saalmann
Tim Saalmann 2 տարի առաջ
The Way the News goes
Scar Queen
Scar Queen 2 տարի առաջ
Isn't that guy shit laughing considered heckling Why the fuck is heckling in a guitar clinic a thing
Alyus Dickey
Alyus Dickey 2 տարի առաջ
Im not much of a Periphery fan, but after watching this....I might be.
Jasper Gillgannon
Jasper Gillgannon 10 ամիս առաջ
@Akahoshi Nah, they're the OG djenty bois!
Matthew Colwell
Matthew Colwell Տարի առաջ
How sway. Periphery is modern day orchestra
Akahoshi 2 տարի առաջ
Yes! More for our army of djenty bois!!!!
heavy 2 տարի առաջ
well that was a very beautiful clinic. I like his emphasis on connection with others
arcykaplanhehe 2 տարի առաջ
Oh god he said omega is the best jesus its my fav song everrrr
kronosecw 2 տարի առաջ
When you get scolded by JP
Axel Juengst
Axel Juengst 2 տարի առաջ
50:45 I lOVE this guy. That is EXACTLY how I go about it. It´s so good to hear, that one of my heroes is (theory-wise) as dumb as I am... :-)
Nigel Grimm
Nigel Grimm 2 տարի առաջ
Sign me Mark!
jvstndrvms 2 տարի առաջ
“Find the things that work for you.” realest statement ever.
Bantz Rayder
Bantz Rayder 2 տարի առաջ
Right when Omega starts off, I hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Erik Ceman
Erik Ceman 2 տարի առաջ
His axe fx tone is better than the mark tremonti signature that he's playing here, but that's only my opinion
Alejandro Cisneros
Alejandro Cisneros 2 տարի առաջ
What's the axe fx rig he's is based on?
kimseniorb 2 տարի առաջ
that A still sounds extremely sharp though
melvin silalahi channel
melvin silalahi channel 2 տարի առաջ
Hail Holcomb!
Steve Walker
Steve Walker 2 տարի առաջ
I hate when my knob is loose
Shade of Sound
Shade of Sound 2 տարի առաջ
I sincerely hope they make a 7 string version of this model someday. I've heard/read that if the demand is high enough PRS will build it, but who knows? Fingers crossed.
Drewjitsu14 Տարի առաջ
Got mine! Absolutely love it
Yanis Cozza
Yanis Cozza Տարի առաջ
They did it boy ! They diiiiiiid it!
Shade of Sound
Shade of Sound Տարի առաջ
Andrew Whitmore I cant wait. Thanks for pointing that out to me! I totally missed it.
Andrew Whitmore
Andrew Whitmore Տարի առաջ
Shade of Sound
Shade of Sound Տարի առաջ
Andrew Whitmore oh man! I didn’t notice that in the middle!
Jared Mehle
Jared Mehle 2 տարի առաջ
Mark is the best! Badass guitar player. Really down to earth, genuine guy. Loves hockey too!
polyphony89 2 տարի առաջ
I was wondering why his Ramones shirt had Ramen flavours on it and then I realised it says Ramens and not Ramones
Nick Laffy
Nick Laffy 2 տարի առաջ
That one dude with the awkward over exaggerated laughs lmao
Nick Laffy
Nick Laffy Ամիս առաջ
I didn’t know I’d get these many comments. Sup boys, we found out Mrak was kind of a dingus. Hope you’re all still laughing at the dudes laughs.
Nick Laffy
Nick Laffy Ամիս առաջ
@Sean Diego stfu bots
Remy Garrett
Remy Garrett Ամիս առաջ
@Sean Diego Checking it out right now. Looks promising.
Sean Diego
Sean Diego Ամիս առաջ
Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it enjoy!
John Wayne
John Wayne 7 ամիս առաջ
That boy is a couple apples short of a bushel
7:41 but Mark..?
Paolo Scarpellini
Paolo Scarpellini 2 տարի առաջ
Mark is so cool, both as musician and person
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero 2 տարի առաջ
I have never really had a guitar star since i picked up the guitar, been playing for a while and i think i found my first idol lol! Such a humble soul and full of inspiration!! That makes you want to keep on playin guitar!, hopefully some day i could be at one of his clinics and have the honors of breathing the same air with a genuinly awesome musician!
Tomppa RMP
Tomppa RMP 2 տարի առաջ
I was at the show in Finland where their stuff malfunctioned. I felt so bad for the guys. I'm touring too and that's not what you wish for anyone. Seen them since in Seinäjoki/Finland with Devin Townsend and Helsink/Finlandi @ Tavastia too. Tavastia show was some kickass shit. During the same tour they had a show in this small club venue in Germany. I was there with another band as a roadie just two days before the guys were playing there. I was so sad that I had to fly home and could not see that show. Big respect and hat off for all Periphery guys.
Temsujungba Jamir
Temsujungba Jamir 2 տարի առաջ
Thank You for being so honest about music theory Mark. Respect!
Jays Reviews
Jays Reviews 2 տարի առաջ
1:09:39 get out of the way!
Bren Louis Surio
Bren Louis Surio 2 տարի առաջ
Nice video quality. Thank you.
alpenjodel24 2 տարի առաջ
this HAHA guy is annoying as fuck lol
alpenjodel24 2 տարի առաջ
What I don't understand is that he actually still uses the 56 gauge string for an A on a 25.5'' guitar. Yes it may be playable but I saw them a few times live and I watched a lot of clinics, when he plays (or live: they play) the lowest string open it goes sharp. And you can hear that both in clinics and live and imo it really does not sound that great.
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith 2 տարի առաջ
@Mark Holcomb been looking into your prs for a while question is this the same model you did on reverb for 900
Mark Holcomb
Mark Holcomb 2 տարի առաջ
I've road-tested different gauges for 8 years and 11-56 is by far the best balance for me.
alpenjodel24 2 տարի առաջ
Mark Holcomb oh boy the man himself :0 can you explain further?
Mark Holcomb
Mark Holcomb 2 տարի առաջ
agree to disagree.
Schuy Guy
Schuy Guy 2 տարի առաջ
Maybe one reason for the 56 is that they normally have it in C but drop it to A for certain songs. At least that was the case with Misha at his clinic in Houston that I attended.
DarkFottloch 2 տարի առաջ
i just wanna fatally punch that fake-ass "haaaa haaaa" dude in the throat
Sam 2 տարի առաջ
Same.....I would enjoy breaking my own hand doing it!!!!!!
Puretone 2 տարի առաջ
That same guy stood right in front of my camera at the end too😓
Mike Guitar Player
Mike Guitar Player 2 տարի առաջ
God I don’t know how he remembers all those notes!
Mini Surf
Mini Surf 2 տարի առաջ
You’re a guitar player you should play songs. His are just a few more notes 😬
K8Sune 2 տարի առաջ
It looks like he's rocking the Mark Tremonti head too! Sweet!
Joshua 2 տարի առաջ
Mark... I realllllly wish you would see this and help us get another release of the US signature Holcomb.
Rutchanon Wongsang
Rutchanon Wongsang 2 տարի առաջ
wow PRS small amp sound really good
Roman’s YouTube
Roman’s YouTube 2 տարի առաջ
Did I just watch this whole video? I did lol Awesome dude
TheUtgardian Channel
TheUtgardian Channel 2 տարի առաջ
Stephen Addeo
Stephen Addeo 2 տարի առաջ
He just seems very genuine. He's been my favorite since I first heard haunted shores.
Jared S
Jared S 2 տարի առաջ
Somebody please tell Mark to Sign HEPTAEDIUM! Not they absolutely need it but i would love to see them get way more air time. They are incredible!
FantaFuture92 2 տարի առաջ
such a humble dude!
George 2 տարի առաջ
As someone who will most likely never have the chance of seeing periphery live, let alone a clinic for a few dozen people, thank you soooooo much for uploading this and in such good quality
jon w
jon w 21 օր առաջ
Travel restrictions, incarceration or terminal illness. Judging by the lack of reply perhaps the later
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson 11 ամիս առաջ
Why not
JBloomfield1990 2 տարի առաջ
Mark is like the most humble guy ever.
Gearsy GGAA
Gearsy GGAA 2 տարի առաջ
Man i loved going to his guitar clinic this year. Such a great and talented guy. His tone was unreal with just his guitar a little prs archon and a precision drive. It was flawless. We talked a good bit about my prs Holcomb that i bought and modded to his specs, he played it and signed it for me. Seriously just such a nice guy that's supremely grateful for his fans. If you ever get a chance to go to one of these do it! You will not regret it! I also have the performances from that guitar clinic up on my AM-posts page if anyone wants to watch him destroy juggernaut, twtng, and prayer position. It's the only videos i have up lol. If you're considering buying his prs se do it! Worth every penny.
K B 2 տարի առաջ
What did you do to the SE? I'm looking at getting one, and already plan on swapping the nut. Curious what other adjustments you made
Davide Pannone
Davide Pannone 2 տարի առաջ
Yup. I can confirm petrucci was right. When i heard them opening for dt, you could not understand shit of what was going on. Saying that the mix was atrocious would be a compliment. You really couldnt hear a note. All you heard was noise and drums.
mkousaka11 2 տարի առաջ
Mile Zero is still one of favorite songs of Periphery's.
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart 2 տարի առաջ
metalheadblues 2 տարի առաջ
The entire p2 album is fucking awesome
Bruce Anthony
Bruce Anthony 2 տարի առաջ
Dream Theater + Periphery= Pream Pheatery
Hyperballistic Driftergod
Hyperballistic Driftergod 9 ամիս առաջ
Dream Eatery
Kyle Տարի առաջ
Perry Pherry
neondemon 2 տարի առաջ
pepsiguzzler86 2 տարի առաջ
Plays on the neck position = instant Steve Vai (somewhere around 14:00)
fedboy21 2 տարի առաջ
I have that t shirt 😀😀😀
Samuel Martin
Samuel Martin 2 տարի առաջ
FINAAAAALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! The MT15 is going to be available at Thomann in two months or so.
Tsuyoshi A.
Tsuyoshi A. 2 տարի առաջ
RAMENS !!!!!
Hange Zoe
Hange Zoe 2 տարի առաջ
I love the Bob Marley T-shirt with the picture of Jimi Hendrix
mkousaka11 2 տարի առաջ
He loves that shirt. *lol* I see him wearing it in many interviews.
Jarrod D
Jarrod D 2 տարի առաջ
i need this shirt so bad hahaha
Shino Obata
Shino Obata 2 տարի առաջ
"Hey guys we filmed another Mark Holcomb" ....there is more than one? XD But jokes aside, thanks for the upload.
Ron Cecchetti
Ron Cecchetti 2 տարի առաջ
Shino Obata bust down
Samine Kunis
Samine Kunis 2 տարի առաջ
Harrison Fjord is simply the song.......i still need more practise to master it myself not just bc of its speed and the intricate riffs......making things more challenging is my cervical spinal stenosis........songs like HF are the reason to practise for hours and hours 🤗🎸
Bowen Matheson
Bowen Matheson 2 տարի առաջ
Mark is the dude.
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Mark Holcomb (of Periphery) PRS Clinic at Pitbull Audio
Pitbull Audio
Դիտումներ 46հզր
Chopin - Relaxing Classical Music
Դիտումներ 8մլն
"Холостяк": 8 выпуск
Телеканал ТНТ
Դիտումներ 4.3մլն
Sevak - Без тебя не так
Դիտումներ 2.7մլն
Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video)
Դիտումներ 49մլն
ROSÉ - 'Gone' M/V
Դիտումներ 67մլն
Arkadi Dumikyan - Partakan Em
Arkadi Dumikyan
Դիտումներ 311հզր
Арсен Шахунц - С днем рождения!
Арсен Шахунц
Դիտումներ 324հզր
Konfuz - Война | ПРЕМЬЕРА КЛИПА
Դիտումներ 402հզր