Vince Vaughn Abandoned At Trump Rally!

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The Jimmy Dore Show

26 օր առաջ

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Written and Voiced by Mike MacRae: mikemacraemike
Produced by Marc Van Landuyt
Jimmy Dore on Twitter: Jimmy_Dore
Stef Zamorano on Twitter: miserablelib
Edited by Koki Miyazaki
About The Jimmy Dore Show:
#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.
Photo Credit: "Vince Vaughn - Caricature", © 2018 DonkeyHotey, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

Corey Saylor
Corey Saylor Օր առաջ
Does Mike rail a line before do Vaughn?
zpzlife 4 օր առաջ
Jesus Miguel
Jesus Miguel 9 օր առաջ
I'm surprised Vince goes on Jimmy's show all the time. I'd figured he wouldn't get a lock of flack from Hollywood.
The Bodhi Abides
The Bodhi Abides 10 օր առաջ
The last i checked the farthest point on US soil from a McDonald's is less than 35 miles.
Julie Fisk
Julie Fisk 17 օր առաջ
The world needs more Jimmy Dore! Catching up on your videos has been the highlight of this b.s election season and pretty much the entire disaster that's 2020! Thank you doesn't even cover it! Too bad McDonald's can't use, "I'm getting a filet-o-fucking-fish, baby!" In their next commercial! Classic!
Ut1F70F Sin
Ut1F70F Sin 22 օր առաջ
“The frozen choZen”
Louis Gedo
Louis Gedo 22 օր առաջ
2:15 🤣 🤣 🤣 *LMAO*
rich mclean
rich mclean 22 օր առաջ
too funny
OnionHeadMedia 22 օր առաջ
Came back for a second listen. Still gold
lanesteele240 23 օր առաջ
Moral of the story, trump did not abandon him. He left him near trumps heaven. McDonalds
ne0nZchr0me 23 օր առաջ
She's just dying in the background ahahahaha
Red-baitingSwine 23 օր առաջ
McCrae is the shit. I don't understand why his work routinely gets half the play of the other stuff. And Jimmy's spontaneous, extended, intense laughter is icing on the cake.
Gregg Hill
Gregg Hill 23 օր առաջ
LMAO I'm guessing Mike McRae had a class or two in theodicy at Catholic school.
Bruce W
Bruce W 23 օր առաջ
Lol. Hilarious.
NC A 23 օր առաջ
Who does these great impressions
Greg Schwarz
Greg Schwarz 23 օր առաջ
This is great!
richard balogh
richard balogh 23 օր առաջ
Jimmy that's just like your opinion man
Rice's Retro
Rice's Retro 24 օր առաջ
Lawrence McKeon
Lawrence McKeon 24 օր առաջ
LOL. Freezing is an honour.
Randy Young
Randy Young 24 օր առաջ
Susan DeGe
Susan DeGe 24 օր առաջ
Trees generate heat.... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
ALAN LAWRENCE 24 օր առաջ
Pissed myself laughing when he said... after you told him Trump doesn't give a crap about anyone... "He's testing us!" When your pseudo religious, stupid and gullible with it, expect to be right Royally screwed by selfish people who couldn't give a shit about you.
Frank Gailey
Frank Gailey 24 օր առաջ
Save your self donny not going to save you ass.
William Nelson
William Nelson 24 օր առաջ
Breaking News : Hunter prefers " Coke " not Pepsi ....... . BLM = Biden's Laptop Matters . B - ought i - n d - a Ukraine e - ven n - orthern China .
mark brownner
mark brownner 24 օր առաջ
trees are warmer only if you burn dry ones.....
Mako Mako
Mako Mako 24 օր առաջ
Would love to see the real Vince to call in.
Sean Clough
Sean Clough 25 օր առաջ
Do we have any interviews with the survivors? Are they suing the organizers? I'm sure on snl they'll be burning crosses to keep warm.
Phil H
Phil H 25 օր առաջ
Filet of fuckin fish! MAGA!
David Paul
David Paul 25 օր առաջ
Mike Macrae is incredible
General King
General King 25 օր առաջ
Hit the like button if you wanna hear a Trump impression from Mike MacRae!
Julie Fisk
Julie Fisk 17 օր առաջ
That would be too much! That would YUGE! YUGE! I'm telling you!
OnionHeadMedia 25 օր առաջ
No one better than double V
Brendan Manning
Brendan Manning 25 օր առաջ
Vince Vaughan would laugh his ass off over this
Brendan Manning
Brendan Manning 25 օր առաջ
Jimmy doesn’t have TDS because he can laugh at Trump.
Charles Townsend
Charles Townsend 25 օր առաջ
What's funny is Biden, elected or not, will be arrested soon for his money laundering scam that he and his sons were involved in.
MATTHEW HATCH 25 օր առաջ
Why do you think Trump doesn’t care? What policy are you citing?
Dean Harrington
Dean Harrington 25 օր առաջ
Vince is crazy great.
Timothy Marshal-Nichols
Timothy Marshal-Nichols 25 օր առաջ
“He's trying to teach us something.” What a wonderful line. Trump moves in mysterious ways his greed ever to perform.
John Smith
John Smith 22 օր առաջ
@Jesse Porter So then I'm not a dumb Trump supporter left stranded out in the more trees that don't generate heat?
Jesse Porter
Jesse Porter 22 օր առաջ
Wait.. you couldn't tell that was satire??? Look it up. It was a bit by a comedian who makes fun of Trump supporters. She often gets shared by people who play identity politics and think that 1 person saying something stupid is representative of the entire demographic that they despise
jerry dwyer
jerry dwyer 25 օր առաջ
We can think well enough to realize it was a staffer or bus company issue right? Trump isn't actually handling the minutiae of buses. Right?
stevesrt8 25 օր առաջ
whenever someone drops me off,,i say,,you coming back??
livin lite
livin lite 25 օր առաջ
Ima get a filet-o-f'n-fish
Donal Taaffe
Donal Taaffe 25 օր առաջ
Shadow Broker
Shadow Broker 25 օր առաջ
Why does he sound exactly Iike him? Dammit that shits funny!
Bobby 25 օր առաջ
No matter if I disagree with Jimmy Dore...he is one of the funniest guys out there...
Jennifer Grove
Jennifer Grove 25 օր առաջ
"Because of the *More*, *Trees*?" Dead.
Fooks Lee Ho
Fooks Lee Ho 25 օր առաջ
Wow the forced laughter made this way more funny................................. ....................................................NOT!
Repugnant_ _
Repugnant_ _ 25 օր առաջ
I dont know who they get to impersonate Vince Vaughn but good lord is he so so good. I'd buy him in a voice over any day.
bengief 25 օր առաջ
Best 3 callers: Vince Bernie Rick Perry (best intros though) And runner up Peter King
chuckgeo87 25 օր առաջ
Ill take trump over Biden any day..........
Michaels amazing videos
Michaels amazing videos 25 օր առաջ
mike mcrae stand up is shitty but mannnnn does the do his phone calls well
ky malone
ky malone 25 օր առաջ
Trump looks at his supporters like trash lol
Paul Gally
Paul Gally 25 օր առաջ
So much to like in this one.
Kevin Meehan
Kevin Meehan 25 օր առաջ
Vince Vaughn What a no talent douche bag
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 25 օր առաջ
Mike is hysterical. Does he write the script by himself? It's even funnier when they screw it up.
Hippasus 25 օր առաջ
It wasn't a rally it was a re enactment of the Chosen Basin experience.
Michael Workinger
Michael Workinger 25 օր առաջ
--- His Fish samich got spat on I heard
H D 25 օր առաջ
Fucking hilarious All the double v takes are amazing And this is coming from a Trump supporter
Yo Soy Dani
Yo Soy Dani 25 օր առաջ
the OK Becky meme: it’s coined, just say to Tomi Lauren or any one of the other rightwing mouthpiecery who’re absolutely clueless about their privilege, “Ok Becky!”
R Wolff
R Wolff 25 օր առաջ
go towards the light Vince!
Kermit Nelson
Kermit Nelson 25 օր առաջ
I love this show🤣🤣
k jones
k jones 25 օր առաջ
Idk how Mike is so damn good at these. Stef laughing in the background was cracking me up.
robert kelly
robert kelly 25 օր առաջ
Jimmy u need to find a female to make calls
Kren Wregget
Kren Wregget 25 օր առաջ
Steph's laughing in the background gets me every time.
Floq Fliq
Floq Fliq 25 օր առաջ
robert kelly
robert kelly 25 օր առաջ
I love your shoes jimmy but these phone calls are my favorite we all need a good laugh these days
John Smith
John Smith 25 օր առաջ
One of the best yet! Really funny! Love it when Mike breaks character and cracks up when Jimmy cant keep it together. Check out WarRoom Pandemic.
wilsonsmanz 25 օր առաջ
I don't understand how these rallies work, i am overseas. So the campaigns usually provide transportation to bring everyone back home?
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 25 օր առաջ
greatest impression still not old
Friends of The Amazon Jungle
Friends of The Amazon Jungle 25 օր առաջ
He's such a Chicago guy 😂😂😂
Dick Franklin
Dick Franklin 25 օր առաջ
God how I love Mike MacRae!
troy dalpiaz
troy dalpiaz 25 օր առաջ
Double V baby,,LOL from Australia
FourLoko 25 օր առաջ
I know, but all of them? 🦕 😂
Karl Skwiot
Karl Skwiot 25 օր առաջ
That’s some funny shit!!
Jim Curram
Jim Curram 25 օր առաջ
Whereas Sanders left his followers in the cold figuratively, Trump seems to have done it literally. Disagree with Jimmy on Trump, but this is still hilarious. The whole bus debacle was definitely a "ugh" moment.
Ed C
Ed C 25 օր առաջ
Kenneth Dixon III
Kenneth Dixon III 25 օր առաջ
Oh goodness. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing at work. Good stuff! 😂😂😂
Jarrett Pelzel
Jarrett Pelzel 25 օր առաջ
Hilarious! These bits are so funny!
IDKENG BUTISUPP45 25 օր առաջ
Cmon Jimmy you can do it report on the laptop from hell, are you with that action are throwing Greenwald under the bus, like the intercept, cmon you can do it report on the laptop from hell, cmon you are lying to a lot of people here.
Alexa M
Alexa M 25 օր առաջ
Love me some Double V and Double G!!
Noel Reilly
Noel Reilly 25 օր առաջ
Absolutely brilliant 👏👏👏👏👏👍
Luis Cabrera
Luis Cabrera 25 օր առաջ
JP 25 օր առաջ
That was actually legit straight up funny 😂
Galvatron1117 25 օր առաջ
Jimmy and Mike!!! Double-V and Cloons gotta get in a fight! Think about it: Vince is right-winger, Clooney left. Just record one part separately and mix 'em up!!! They can fight over the election results; there ya go.
Watching Videos
Watching Videos 25 օր առաջ
I prefer an America that's like a Trump rally, rather than one that's like a Biden rally. How about you?
Galvatron1117 25 օր առաջ
Jimmy! It's Double-V!!!
Albert Nyakundi
Albert Nyakundi 25 օր առաջ
How can a millionaire be abandoned at a rally, cant he just take a plane, helicopter, bus, train to go wherever he wants? You people stupid and childish.
Bond James
Bond James 25 օր առաջ
Greenwald is one of the voices I trust, like Jimmy Dore.
Bond James
Bond James 25 օր առաջ
Glenn Greewald has parted ways with the Intercept because they want to censor an article he did critical of Biden. scumbags.
Christina Schweihs
Christina Schweihs 23 օր առաջ
take me to church
yossarian1633 25 օր առաջ
And with him took everything worth anything from the Intercept. Good riddance (to the Intercept) Glenn is too good for them by far it was an awkward fit there for awhile.
Thunder 25 օր առաջ
Glenn Greenwald has just resigned over censorship.
Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho 24 օր առաջ
Yeah this story is huge. Watershed moment in our country's history of journalism. Grenn Greenwald founded that news company. And he's leaving the company he founded because it was taken over by people who don't care about journalism or the truth.
Cat.Scratch. Coder
Cat.Scratch. Coder 25 օր առաջ
Glenn Greenwald Resigns From The Intercept After Editors Refuse To Publish Biden Criticism
Alexa M
Alexa M 25 օր առաջ
Love Double G almost as much as Double V baby!!
Malcolm Nicoll
Malcolm Nicoll 25 օր առաջ
What you said about Colbert in the previous is spot on. Now he's just a hack. Like all other nighttime shows he's a one-trick pony. Orange Man jokes and nothing else. A tool of the establishment who gets paid big bucks for spouting CIA talking points.
George Dupont
George Dupont 25 օր առաջ
I don't like Vince Vaughn the Actor, but, Jimmy;z Pal, Vince, can , Cheer me up !!
MR.C&A Video911Game
MR.C&A Video911Game 25 օր առաջ
Eldridge Davis
Eldridge Davis 25 օր առաջ
Love this fucking guy..
Snow Eater
Snow Eater 25 օր առաջ
Glenn Greenwald just quit the intercept
Wesley Warsmith
Wesley Warsmith 25 օր առաջ
Trump donates his salary. Every other president added it to their money collection. Trump is the ONLY president to lose money during his presidency. Trump is not perfect, but he s also not the person you think he is. Hes done alot for many people.
audition 25 օր առաջ
Mike Mac is amazing lol
James Woods
James Woods 25 օր առաջ
There is no forest by the Omaha Airport, (three miles or so from downtown), but he could have wandered accidentally over the levee and ended up in the Missouri River, which flows in a semi circle around Eppley Airfield on the north, east and south sides. This happening would have been funny if the kids of some of these Trumpians weren't also stranded. Trump's Team ordered 40 buses to take his worshipers from the various parking lots onto the airport grounds. The Trump Team was expecting only 10,000 but over 25,000 people showed up. To further complicate matters, the two lane road that circles the backside of the airport and is a feeder road to airport service and maintenance facilities, was temporarily made into a one-way road (obviously for security purposes) for the event.
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh 25 օր առաջ
Vince, go to California. Those trees generate a lot of heat.
STEEL RAIN 562 25 օր առաջ
Why aren't you talking about hunter's laptop and the biden crime family
Soulife 25 օր առաջ
Why Vince Vaughn? Lmao... It's good listening to Jimmy poke the other side again. I used to like him for poking holes in all the BS, not just left-handed BS
Saeed Modanlou
Saeed Modanlou 25 օր առաջ
Hi Jimmy! Your discussion about censorship is censored! American Democracy! I am a Marxist and live in USA. I mainly wright in Farsi Language against Islamic regime of Iran. Oct. 21. 2020 I was kicked out of face book. to day is Oct. 29. 2020 They wanted me to send them a picture ID and I did what they asked for. After that I received a letter from Facebook: "Reviewing Your Information May Take Longer Than Usual Thank you for sending your information. We have received it. We have fewer people available to review information due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It may take longer than usual to review your account. We're always looking out for the security of people on Facebook, so until then, you can't use your account. Thank you for understanding."
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