Nate bargatze
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up
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Comedian Nate Bargatze returns to The Tonight Show with jokes about coughing in public and Common Core math. The Tonight ...
Teen Moms Have the Right Idea - Nate Bargatze
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Nate Bargatze realizes that he envies the girls of “Teen Mom” and admits to being incredibly easy to prank. Subscribe to Comedy ...
Big Slick at Home Night 7: Comedian Nate Bargatze at Big Slick 2019
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Welcome to Night 7 of Big Slick at Home! Tonight's episode of #BigSlickAtHome may have you in tears...but a different kind of ...
Nate Bargatze - Science (Stand Up Comedy)
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Nate Bargatze has officially given up on science. Want to see more Stand Up Comedy? Subscribe to the Laugh Factory's channel ...
Nate Bargatze - Yelled At By A Clown
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Nate Bargatze Awkwardly Interrupted His Dad's Magic Trick I Netflix Is A Joke
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Nate Bargatze probably pulled the worst magic trick in history in honor of his dad. Watch Nate Bargatze: Tennessee Kid, only on ...
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up
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Nate Bargatze is back on The Tonight Show with stories about seeing a dead horse in someone's yard and his experience hiking ...
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up
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Comedian Nate Bargatze tells jokes about performing for prison inmates and quitting social media. Subscribe NOW to The ...
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up
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Nate Bargatze returns to The Tonight Show and talks about the origin story of his family name and the time someone got his coffee ...
Nate Bargatze - Locked Out & Naked
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NateBargatze on getting locked out of his hotel room naked, taking his daughter to Disneyland, and time travel. Subscribe: ...
Best of Road Life w/ Nate Bargatze
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Revisit all the best moments of the Road Life w/ Nate series! Also featuring Graham Kay ...
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up
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Comedian Nate Bargatze tells jokes about airplane travel and politics. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy ...
Nate Bargatze - Live from Here
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Website: More from this week's show: ...
Nateland | Ep #22 - The Wife
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This episode, we get to know Nate's wife, Laura. We talk to Laura about how she and Nate met, how he proposed, moving with ...
Impressed by the “Before” Guy in Weight Loss Ads - Nate Bargatze
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Nate Bargatze shares his failed attempts to get in shape and remembers nearly making baseball history. Subscribe to Comedy ...
Comedian Nate Bargatze Is Cool With Fighting McDonald's Employees | JFL | LOL StandUp!
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Hilarious stand-up performance from Nate Bargatze who describes a friend who is comfortable fighting McDonalds employees.
Nate Bargatze - It's Easy To Buy A Tiger
Դիտումներ 705հզր 5 տարի առաջ
NateBargatze on performing in Honduras, what you're suppose to do when you get bitten by a snake, and how to buy a tiger.
walmart | Nate Bargatze | Stand-Up Comedy
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Nate Bargatze loves walmart! Originally recorded in 2011. See a LIVE SHOW at the Hollywood Laugh Factory! BUY TICKETS: ...
Nate Bargatze Performs Stand-Up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
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Comedian Nate Bargatze tells jokes about driving in New York City and his young daughter. Download Nate's comedy album, ...
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up
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Comedian Nate Bargatze performs jokes about working out and buying a real tiger. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring ...
Don't Shake the Baby - Nate Bargatze - Official Comedy Stand Up
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Subscribe for daily NYC stand up! Produced at The Stand, NYC: ...
What Comedy During Covid Is Like
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Don't forget to Subscribe and Like to see more - ...
Bill Bert Podcast | Episode 35 w. Nate Bargatze
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Bill and Bert prattle with Nate Bargatze about drive-in gigs, the middle of the country, and golf. produced by @All Things Comedy ...
The OTHER Big Impeachment (feat. Nate Bargatze) - Lights Out with David Spade
Դիտումներ 126հզր 11 ամիս առաջ
Lights Out *almost* delves into the political with a look at impeachment from Nate Bargatze, Tim Dillon and Sarah Tiana, but it's ...
Nate Bargatze - Cops
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Nate Bargatze has some bad news at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. SHOW TIX: Follow us: ...
Nate Bargatze - Take a Bullet For You
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Nate Bargatze (@NateBargatze) attempts and fails to take a bullet for his wife at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood, CA, ...
Nate Bargatze - Home Protection (Stand Up Comedy)
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Nate Bargatze and his wife are totally unprepared if their house ever gets robbed. Subscribe to Comedy Time AM-posts channel ...
Nateland | Ep #17 -  Urban Legends
Դիտումներ 17հզր Ամիս առաջ
This episode, we delve into urban legends. Was Mr. Rogers really a Navy Seal? Did Paul McCartney really die and get replaced ...
Nateland | Ep #10 - Stand-Up Comedy
Դիտումներ 25հզր 2 ամիս առաջ
This episode, we talk about what we know best - stand-up comedy. Nate shares stories about his climb up the comedy ladder in ...
Nate Bargatze Stand-Up 04/08/13 - CONAN on TBS
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Nate Bargatze's dad was a clown, which was confusing. It's tough to be yelled at by a guy with a smile painted on his face.
Nate Bargatze on Starbucks
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Get social with Nate Facebook: natebargatze/ Twitter: natebargatze Instagram: ...
Nateland | Ep #1 - The First Episode
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Don't forget to Subscribe and Like to see more - This Episode ...
Nateland | Ep #21 -  Fast Food
Դիտումներ 16հզր 9 օր առաջ
This episode, we look at one of our favorite topics - fast food. We discuss our love for McDonalds, the frustration of the broken ice ...
Nate Bargatze -  Buying A Tiger Is Easy
Դիտումներ 36հզր 6 ամիս առաջ
NateBargatze on his limited geography knowledge, snake safety, and how easy it is to buy a tiger. #NateBargatzeStandUp from ...
Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic - Time Travel
Դիտումներ 209հզր 5 տարի առաջ
Even if Nate Bargatze could travel through time, he's not sure he would have much of an effect on the course of history. #StandUp.
#Coronapocalypse in New Jersey | Road Life w/ Nate Bargatze
Դիտումներ 25հզր 8 ամիս առաջ
Here is what was going on leading up to canceling the show in New Jersey. What a wild day. Was glad to have Graham Kay with ...
Nateland | Ep #20 - Malls
Դիտումներ 15հզր 16 օր առաջ
This episode, we delve into shopping malls. We discuss our favorite malls, share mall stories from our youth, look at the future of ...